ZENS-10W - Water Removal Element

ZENS-10W - Water Removal Element

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National Spencer Part Number: NS-10W


  • Protect Your Investment: Filters contaminants in fuel that damages heavy equipment.
  • For Use with a Variety of Fuel Types: Can be used with regular and unleaded gasolines, diesel, gasohol, ethanol, and biodiesel blends up to 20%
  • Maximum Durability: The protective sheet is designed for working pressures up to 150 PSI ensuring less likelihood of deformation.
  • Superior Protection: 10 Micron protection rate provides protection from particles in fuel such as rust, dirt sand, and water
  • Replacement Frequency: It is recommended to replace the filter element every 6 months for the best protection.


  • 366 square inch of filter surface for max filtration
  • Max Operating Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Max Flowrate: 18 GPM 
  • Thread: 1” NPT

About this Item:

This filter system was designed with professionals in mind and is a translucent system intended to allow for monitoring of fuel quality. The filter has 366 square inches of filter surface for max filtration and durability while having the ability to detect water by causing restriction in flow. This filter is designed to work with fuel transfer systems with a flow rate of up to 18-gallons per minute and includes 24-inch head. This fuel filter is not recommended for water-based products, aviation fuels, race fuels, or gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol.