ZELP26-EP - 26 Gallon Steel Low Profile Oil Drain with Electric Pump

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The 26-Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain is expertly crafted for professionals, designed to facilitate the changing of oil, transmission fluids, and more for a range of vehicles, including automobiles, light trucks, heavy-duty applications, and RVs. This oil drain can be conveniently positioned under a vehicle using the heavy-duty single pivoting caster, negating the need for an automotive lift. The integrated T-Handle ensures ease of movement around the shop and folds effortlessly for storage. This oil drain is an essential tool for any professional looking to efficiently and effectively manage vehicle maintenance tasks.


  • Seamless Maneuverability: Equipped with two 4-inch fixed wheels and one front 4-inch caster for enhanced stability while moving around the shop.
  • Large Durable Tank: Made of a heavy-duty steel body. Will not warp after long term usage like plastic models.
  • Low Spillage Risk: Internal baffles minimize the risk of oil spillage during transport.
  • Versatile Evacuation: Includes an electric pump kit for easy evacuation, eliminating the need to lift the drain to remove oil.
  • Long Reach T-Handle: The integrated T-Handle facilitates easy movement around the shop, even when loaded.


  • 4-inch Wheels
  • Integrated baffles and Wire Screen Mesh
  • Can be used with oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze
  • 115V UL Listed Evacuation Pump
  • Large Catch area
  • Ships LTL Only