ZE975 - Quart Stroke Pump For 15-55 Gal. Containers

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This hand rotary action drum pump was designed with professionals in mind and dispenses at a rate of 1-quart per revolution. This pump is designed for use with 15 to 55-gallon drums with a 2-inch NPT bung port. The ZE975 features a closing spring loaded drain back tube that not only eliminates drips and messes, but it also eliminates wasted fluids. Not only does this pump focus on safety but it also reduces consumable costs.



  • Container Size: 15 to 55 Gallon
  • 2" NPT Bung Size


  • Delivery: 1-quart per cycle
  • Lockable Crank Arm: Yes
  • Suction Tube: Steel Telescoping
  • Seals: Delrin