ZE81 - 3/4-inch Die-Cast Metal Bung Faucet

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  •  Professional Grade Construction: Die cast body allows for durability in the toughest environments.
  •  Simple Operation: Push the lever to open and release the lever to close.
  •  Fits A Variety of Barrel Types: For use on ¾” port openings on 15-55-Gallon barrels and drums.
  • Added Security: Integrated lock port allows for limited access to content.
  • For Use With a Variety of Fluid Types: Can be used with motor oils, transmission fluids, and other petroleum based fluids.


  • Construction: Die-Cast metal
  • Manual/Automatic: Automatic (Self-Closing)
  • Lockable: Yes

About This Item:

This bung faucet was built with professionals in mind and is designed to fit a 3/4-inch bung openings on 15-55-gallon drums. This lockable spigot is constructed of die cast metal and has a wide range of compatibility.