ZE81 - 3/4-inch Die-Cast Metal Bung Faucet

ZE81 - 3/4-inch Die-Cast Metal Bung Faucet

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This bung faucet is designed to fit a 3/4-inch bung opening on 15-55 gallon drums. It's a die-cast metal alloy faucet made with Nitrile rubber seals and has an automatic self-closing spout that is also lockable. This faucet is ideal for drums that are placed horizontally onto drum cradles which are available separately (ZE135WC).


  • Designed to fit 3/4 inch bung on 15-55 gallon drums
  • Ideal for drums that place horizontally onto drum cradles (ZE135WC) available separately


  • Construction: Die-cast metal
  • Manual/Automatic: Automatic (Self-Closing) 
  • Lockable: Lockable