ZE75100– 1” Fuel Nozzle Swivel

ZE75100– 1” Fuel Nozzle Swivel

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  • Built to Last: Constructed with corrosion resistant cast-aluminum to optimize lifespan and ensure maximum durability.
  • Leak Resistant: Leaks are prevented with a robust design and heavy-duty seals.
  • Seamless Rotation: Designed with precision to ensure a smooth and seamless rotation of 360 degrees allowing the nozzle to reach multiple angles.
  • Solves Problems: Adding a swivel will help prevent kinking of fuel hoses which extends hose lifespan from reduced stress.
  • Extends Hose Length: Adds extra length to the hose and nozzle for even greater fueling distance reach.


  • 1” NPT Threads
  • Compatible With: Diesel, E15, and B20


This fuel nozzle swivel is designed for transferring diesel fuel only. The heavy-duty swivel is designed for use with Zeeline by Milton™ brand nozzles while also being compatible as a replacement swivel for other brands of nozzles on the market.