ZE5003 - 2-Inch Vented Tank Cap

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  •          Simple Pressure Relief:  Cap vents to prevent pressure buildup in the tank, ensuring optimal pump performance in any condition.
  •          Durable Construction: Made from cast iron with a powder-coated finish for long-lasting durability.  
  •          Prevents Contamination: Protects your equipment fleet by preventing dirt, rust, and water from entering stored fuel.
  •          Used With a Variety of Container Types: For use on containers with 2” NPT threaded ports.
  •          Prevents Evaporation Loss: Reduces fuel loss by minimizing evaporation due to storage temperature changes.  


  •         2” NPT
  •          Body: Cast Iron


The Vented Locking Fill Cap is engineered for professionals who demand reliable and secure fluid storage solutions. This fill cap fits container openings with 2” NPT threads and features an integrated vent to prevent pressure buildup in the storage tank. Constructed from heavy-duty cast iron with a powder-coated finish, this fill cap is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Additionally, it prevents contamination by keeping dirt, rust, and water out of your stored fuel, protecting your equipment fleet. The cap also helps prevent fuel loss by reducing evaporation caused by storage temperature changes, making it an essential component for optimal fuel management.