Drum Pump Bundle

Drum Pump Bundle

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This Bundle Features the popular ZE381 - Hand Operated Lever Action Drum Pump and ZE757W - 5-Quart Polyethylene Oil Dispenser.

ZE757W Features:

  • Professional Grade Construction: Made of translucent polyethylene which makes reading the level of liquid easier while being designed to withstand frequent bumping and banging in a shop environment.
  • For Use With a Variety of Fluid Types: Ideal for use with motor oils, coolants, transmission fluids, and hydraulic oils.
  • Keep Contaminants Out: Spout cap and lid reduce the likelihood of contamination from outside.
  • Designed With Safety in Mind: Flexible pouring spout allows for more accurate delivery which reduces the likelihood of fluid waste and spills that lead to slips and falls.
  • Convenient Grip Handle: The Grip handle allows for more control during operation.

ZE381 Features:

  •  Professional Grade Construction: Aluminum head and steel powder coated body.
  •  High Flow Output: 1-Gallon per 9 strokes delivery rate maximizes productivity.
  •  Fits A Variety of Barrel Types: Telescoping suction tube allows for use with 15 to 55-Gallon barrels with 2” bung openings.
  •  Comfort Grip Handle: Soft comfort handle with textured grips reduces hand fatigue while improving efficiency for maximum fluid output.
  •  Threaded Spout: Spout end includes an integrated garden hose thread. Attaching a hose end allows more accurate dispensing and reduces the likelihood of spills.