ZE373 - Polypropylene Lever Pump (1 Pint Per Stroke)

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National Spencer Part Number: 373



  • Use With a Variety of Fluid Types: Pump can be used with DEF, anti-freezes, and mild detergents.
  •  Fits a Variety of Container Types: Telescoping suction tube allows for use with 15-55-gallon containers with a 2” opening.
  •  Efficient Delivery Rate: Pump dispenses at a rate of 1 pint per stroke.
  •  Ergonomic Handle: Enclosed style handle allows for efficient and comfortable fluid delivery.
  •  Adaptable Spout: Barbed spout end allows for the addition of hoses for added dispensing reach.


  • Delivery Rate: 1-pint per stroke
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene construction
  • Seal Type: Acetal
  • Spout: ¾” hose barb


This is a lever style hand pump was built with professionals in mind and can be used with 15–55-gallon drums. The pump dispenses at a rate of 1 pint per stroke and has a telescoping suction tube designed to thread into the 2” bung openings. Made with Acetal seals, this pump is designed for DEF, anti-freeze, and mild detergents.