ZE321 - Powder Coated Gear Lube Pump (1 Gallon Per 55 Strokes)

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  • Versatile Design: Portable pump will fit 5-gallon pails of oils, ATF, and gear lube.
  •  Professional Grade Construction: Powder coated pail cover and all steel pump allows for longevity through the most demanding usage.
  •  Efficient Delivery: Delivers at a rate of 1-Gallon per 55 strokes and ensures maximum fluid delivery.
  •  For Use with Various Fluid Types: Can be used for transferring heavier oils such as transmission and differential fluids.
  •  Designed with Safety in Mind: 4-Foot Delivery hose with curved spout keeps hose in place which reduces the likelihood of spills that can create slip hazards.


  • Seals: Buna N
  • Max Fluid Viscosity: 140 wt.
  • Delivery Rate: 1-gallon per 55 strokes; 1 quart per 14 strokes

 About This Item:

 This powder coated gear lube pump dispenses at a rate of 1 gallon per 55 strokes or 1 quart per 14 strokes. With a max fluid viscosity of 140 wt, this gear lube pump is designed to fit onto 5-gallon pails of gear lube, oil, and ATF. Included is a 4' vinyl hose with a curved spout for easy dispensing and an adjustable handle for changing the amount of fluid dispensed per stroke.