ZE30A1 - Manual Fuel Pump

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National Spencer Part Number: 30A1


  • Professional Grade Construction: Heavy-Duty aluminum body that is resistant to corrosion and light weight maximum longevity.
  • High Flow Rate: Max flow rate of 20 GPM maximizes productivity.
  • First A Variety of Barrel Types: Telescoping suction tube allows for use with 15 to 55-Gallon barrels with 2” bung openings.
  • Easy Grip Handle: Handle Design allows for ease of grip while delivering maximum efficiency in pump.
  • Integrated Delivery Hose: Delivery hose allows for accurate delivery to source with integrated hang hook for storage.


  • Compatible with Gasoline and Diesel
  • Suction Tube Length: 22 inches to 39 inches
  • Hose Length: 8 feet
  • Seal Type: Buna N


This is a manual diaphragm pump was designed with professionals in mind and dispenses up to 20 GPM. This pump includes a telescopic suction that adjusts from 22” to 39” and has an 8’ discharge hose with nozzle to allow for accurate fluid delivery. This versatile pump is compatible with multiple fuel types such gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. The lightweight and heavy-duty aluminum body allows for maximum longevity in the toughest of conditions.