ZE21PD – 21-Gallon Professional Pantograph Oil Drain w/10-Gallon Basin

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  • Pro Grade Drain: 21-Gallon tank with 10-Gallon catch basin with mesh screen to help prevent oil splatter. 
  • Integrated Level Gauge: Easy to view built in sight gauge allows users to know when it is time to empty the tank.
  • Simple Air Evacuation: Evacuate the drain by using an air connection and connecting to the drain. No need to invest in more expensive diaphragm pump systems to evacuate.
  • More Stability: The fixed axel and casters configuration makes moving under a vehicle simple and helps the drain stay put, unlike models with 4-swivel casters that move on uneven floors.
  • Built with safety in mind: Includes a pressure relief safety valve to prevent over pressurization.


  • 6-inch fixed wheels and 3-inch casters
  • 5-foot evacuation hose with J-hook
  • Can be used with oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze
  • 10-gallon capacity basin
  • Durable steel tank


This 21-Gallon Pantograph Oil Drain was built with professionals in mind and was designed to be used when changing oil, transmission fluids, and more for automobiles and light trucks.  This oil drain can be placed under a lifted vehicle or be used as a basin under trucks or heavy equipment making this a truly versatile oil drain for your shop, leaving you with an all-in-one solution for an automotive and heavy-duty drain applications. To empty, simply connect the air line and open the appropriate ball valves into an approved disposal container.