ZE1730K-55-100– 5:1 Eco Series Pump Kit 55-Gal w/hose & nozzle

ZE1730K-55-100– 5:1 Eco Series Pump Kit 55-Gal w/hose & nozzle

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This 5:1 Pump Package was built with professionals in mind and was designed to be used with low, medium, and high viscous oils such as motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, and more! This Pump package includes, a 16-foot hose, 5:1 Pneumatic Pump, Oil Control Valve, Suction Tube, Foot Valve, and FRL. This package will work with a 55-Gallon Drums.


  • Heavy-Duty Pump: 5:1 ratio oil transfer pump for medium to high viscosity fluids for short to medium distance applications.
  • High Flow Rate: 3.2 GPM (12 LPM) flow rate allows for quick and efficient dispensing of fluids.
  • Variety of Fluid Types: Can be used with SAE 130 oils and fluids that include motor oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic hydraulic oil, and transmission fluid.
  • Fast and Efficient delivery: 1-10 GPM delivery rate with a maximum working pressure of 1000 PSI
  • Built to Deliver: The 16- foot x ½” diameter hose has a maximum pressure of 2320 PSI which allows for maximum delivery of petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids.