ZE1000-BC – 36 oz. Brake Cleaner Sprayer

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  • Adjustable Nozzle: Twist the nozzle tip on the end to adjust to the desired spray stream
  • Comfort Handle: Molded imprints for fingers makes holding comfortable and efficient.
  • Contoured Trigger: The contoured trigger makes holding to spray more comfortable which allows the operated to hold longer than other brands.
  • Easy Trigger Feature: Simply press down and hold the trigger to spray.  
  • Built with safety in mind: Slowly turning the tank to vent the tank allows the user to relieve built up pressure before refilling.


  • Durable Polyethylene Tank
  • 5 Inch pump throw for maximum pressure per pump
  • Translucent tank for identification of fill level
  • Base features indented pedestals for stability when not in use


This 36 oz. Pressurized Brake Cleaner Sprayer was designed with professionals in mind and is intended for use with brake cleaners and acetones, industrial cleaners/degreasers, lawn and garden chemicals that are comprised of Methylene Chloride, Trichlorethylene, and Perchloroethylene. This pressurized sprayer is made of a lightweight polyethylene tank with a comfort grip handle for easy and efficient operation. To operate, fill the container, pump the handle to prime, open the adjustable tip, and push the trigger to spray away. The ZE1000-BC pressurized chemical sprayer features an adjustable nozzle for maximum spray efficiency. This product is ideal for high volume shops and hobbyists.