Oil Change Bundle

Oil Change Bundle

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This bundle features the ZE700 - 15-Quart Drain Pan w/Filter Drain Screen and the ZE1020 hand pump for quart bottles. 

ZE700 Features:

  • Portable for Recycling: Large cap with O-ring for catch area and small cap for pour spout keeps the fluid in during transport.
  • Catch Screen: Prevents drain plugs, drain plug gaskets, and filters from falling into pan.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Durable polyethylene with convenient carrying handle.
  • Large Drain Opening: Allows for a larger oil catch area while accommodating filters.
  • No More Messes in Storage: Caps prevent fluid from leaking while stored in garages.

ZE1020 Features:

  • Multiple Bottle Types: Includes a long and short suction tube for standard and tall quart bottles.
  • Delivers When Needed: 5cc fluid delivery rate.
  • Flexible Delivery Tube: 17-inch-long flexible delivery tube allows delivery of fluids to tight locations.
  • Fits Standard Quart Bottles: Fits quart bottles with 28mm necks (will not fit wide mouth bottles).
  • Lockable When Not in Use: Push the pump down and turn to lock when not in use for storage.