Portable Fuel Pump Filter Bundle

Portable Fuel Pump Filter Bundle

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This Bundle Features the popular ZE924 - 12-Volt Electric Diesel Pump Kit and ZENS-10 Fuel Tank Filter. 

ZE924 Features:

  • Built to Last: The main pump body is constructed of durable cast iron making it durable and able to handle daily use.
  • Long Reaching Dispensing Hose: The included 13-foot delivery hose for maximum fueling distance.
  • Minimal Setup Required: The pump motor is ready to operate out of the box, install the delivery hose, suction hose, and nozzle; then pump away.
  • Simple operation: Connect the power and flip the on/off switch.
  • Built with safety in mind: Fuel hose includes an anti-static wire for safer operation.

ZENS-10 Features:

  • Protect Your Investment: Filters contaminants in fuel that damages heavy equipment.
  • For Use with a Variety of Fuel Types: Can be used with regular and unleaded gasolines, diesel, gasohol, ethanol, and biodiesel blends up to 20%
  • Maximum Durability: The protective sheet is designed for working pressures up to 150 PSI ensuring less likelihood of deformation.
  • Superior Protection: 10 Micron protection rate provides protection from particles in fuel such as rust, dirt sand, and water
  • Replacement Frequency: It is recommended to replace the filter element every 6 months for the best protection.