ZE21OD – 21-Gallon Professional Portable Oil Dispenser

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  • Easy Fill Funnel: 8-inch diameter with built in screen creates a wide area to catch fluids and prevent drain debris from falling in into the tank.
  • Integrated Level Gauge: Easy to view built in sight gauge allows users to know when it is time to empty the tank.
  • Simple Dispensing: Pressurize the drain with a compressed air connection then squeeze the delivery handle to begin.
  • More Stability: The fixed axel and casters configuration makes moving under a vehicle simple and helps the tank stay put.
  • Built with safety in mind: Includes a pressure relief safety valve to prevent over pressurization.


  • 6-inch fixed wheels and 3-inch casters
  • 5-foot delivery hose
  • Can be used with oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze
  • 8-inch diameter funnel
  • Durable steel tank


This 21-Gallon Oil Dispenser was built with professionals in mind and was designed to dispense oil-based fluids around the shop without being attached to an overhead dispensing system.  This oil dispenser can conveniently deliver oil to an engine, transmission, differential, or crankcase and includes a convenient built-in funnel w/screen that makes refilling more convenient and efficient.