ZE366 - Hand Operated Drum Pump (1 Gallon Per 6 Strokes)

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National Spencer Part Number: 366


  • Professional Grade Construction: Aluminum pump head and steel plated body.
  • High Flow Output: 1-Gallon per 6 strokes delivery rate maximizes productivity.
  • Fits A Variety of Barrel Types: Telescoping suction tube allows for use with 15 to 55-Gallon barrels with 2” bung openings.
  • Easy Grip Handle: T-handle allows for easy grip while improving efficiency for maximum fluid output.
  • Threaded Spout: Spout end includes an integrated garden hose thread. Attaching a hose end allows more accurate dispensing and reduces the likelihood of spills.


  • Length: 37 1/2"
  • Delivery Rate: 1 gallon per 6 lift strokes
  • Seal: PTFE
  • Bung Adapter: powder coated
  • Piston Ring: Brass


 This hand operated drum pump was designed with professionals in mind and delivers fluid at a rate of 1 gallon per 6 strokes. This drum pump can dispense up to 140 wt. oil, gear lube, or ATF. It has a plated steel construction with a die cast aluminum head. This lift style hand pump is designed to thread into the 2-inch bung openings on 15-55 gallon drums and has a garden hose threaded end spout to attach a hose if desired.