ZE1020 – Hand Pump for Quart Bottles (28mm neck)

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  • Multiple Bottle Types: Includes a long and short suction tube for standard and tall quart bottles.
  • Delivers When Needed: 5cc fluid delivery rate.
  • Flexible Delivery Tube: 17-inch-long flexible delivery tube allows delivery of fluids to tight locations.
  • Fits Standard Quart Bottles: Fits quart bottles with 28mm necks (will not fit wide mouth bottles).
  • Lockable When Not in Use: Push the pump down and turn to lock when not in use for storage.


  • 17-inch-long flex delivery tube
  • 5cc delivery rate
  • Short down tube 6.25-inches
  • Long down tube 10-inches
  • Max Oil Viscosity: 80W-90


This hand pump was designed with professionals in mind and is intended for use with differential fluids, gear oils, transmission fluids, and more! This bottle pump mounts to quart bottles with a 28mm neck and features two pickup tubes for both standard and taller bottles which allows you to use on a variety of application types.  The flexible delivery tube allows users to deliver hard to reach fill ports with ease. 


  • Note: Bottles will vary, down tubes may need to be cut to fit. Some bottles with handles will cause pump to not fully thread on bottle but will still operate as desired.