ZEMD4 – 6,000 psi Medium-Duty lever action grease gun

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  • Sturdy Construction: Designed for daily maintenance work.
  • Simple Air Bleeding: Turn the barrel half a turn and air will release.
  • Easy to Handle Lever: Easy to grip and operate, helping you reach higher pressure output.
  • Reach More Fittings: Includes a 12” flexible whip hose and standard rigid pipe. Both use your included 4 jaw coupler and gives you versatility that other grease guns can’t.
  • Multiple Filling Options: Uses standard 14-ounce cartridges or suction filling.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum die cast head
  • 6,000 PSI of maximum working pressure
  • Knurled barrel for easy grip
  • 1/8” NPT threads
  • Standard stroke lever


This lever action Medium-Duty grease gun was built with professionals in mind and can be used with 14 oz. cartridges or suction filling methods making this a versatile grease gun for a variety of applications.  This grease gun includes a standard pipe and 12-inch whip hose in case you encounter any hard-to-reach places that a rigid extension pipe can’t reach so you can keep working without interruption.