ZE1051 - 500cc Fluid Syringe

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  • Built to Last: Durable heavy-duty plastic body is designed for multiple fluid types while holding up to the toughest of use.
  • Two-Way Delivery: Syringe can add new fluid as well as removing old fluid for added versatility.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Syringe disassembles and allows for use in cleaning between uses.
  • Easy to Read Markings: Readouts are molded into the transparent body making for easier identification of how much fluid has been removed or is being added.
  • Multiple Fluid Types: Can be used with coolants, brake fluids, oils, and more!


  • Dispensing Hose Lengths: 11-inches standard, 19-inches with extension
  • Fluid Capacity: 500 ml


This 500-cc fluid syringe was designed with professionals in mind and allows for both removal and refilling of automobiles, trucks, tractors, lawn and garden equipment, off-road equipment, generators, and more! The fluid syringe includes an 11-inch extension for added reach in applications as well as an additional 8-inch hose that can be added for up to 19-inches in total hose length. Compatible with oils, coolants, and brake fluids, this syringe is versatile for a variety of applications. This fluid syringe Is made of heavy-duty plastic for an added peace of mind.