ZE1208 - Premium Lever Pump Kit with Meter

ZE1208 - Premium Lever Pump Kit with Meter

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  • Double action pump (pumps fluid on the upward and downward stroke)
  • Adjustable lever for varying oil viscosity
  • First two holes near suction rod must be used for all lubes over 50-wt. Use last hole for maximum delivery
  • Buna N seals
  • Plated carbon steel construction
  • Steel telescoping suction tube
  • Bung adapter
  • Recommended for oil with viscosity of 5 to 130-wt.


  • Delivery: 1 gallon per 32 strokes
  • Container Size: 16 gallon drum
  • Discharge Hose: 5' delivery hose
  • Meter: Pint Meter


  • Pint meter (ZE1500)
  • Drum Cover (ZE680-823)
  • Drum Dolly (ZE120-S)