1001-4B - Milton® Eco-Friendly Bio-Based High-Performance Pneumatic Tool Oil, 4 oz. (SAE 10W, ISO 32) 12 Pack

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  • Drastically reduces inhalation hazard compared to petroleum-based lubricants when air tools exhaust into your breathable space
  • Provides exceptional wear, oxidation & corrosion protection
  • Formulated for use in air tools & lubricators to protect air tools, improve performance, and extend tool life
  • Eco-friendly, vegetable-based formula is bio-degradable, non-hazardous, and food safe (SAE 10W, ISO 32)
  • Receive twelve 4 oz. bottles


Milton® Eco-Friendly Bio-Based High-Performance Pneumatic Tool Oil (SAE 10W, ISO 32)
Did you know you're breathing in oil mist on the job? When air tools pull in lubricated, compressed air, they must exhaust that air in some form. This residual oil mist is why conventional tool oils carry an inhalation warning. By utilizing vegetable-based oils, the Eco-Friendly Air Tool Oil from Milton® keeps operators™ safety in mind with a non-hazardous, eco-friendly formulation. Extend the life and performance of air tools and cylinders with Milton®s Eco-friendly formulation. Safe, natural, and works hard - just like you. Available in 4 oz and 16 oz sizes.