Choosing the Right Drum Pump for the Right Fluid

Many automotive repair shops have a variety of fluids they use when servicing vehicles. A general service shop will have a variety of oils, transmission fluids, coolants, washer fluids, etc. Depending on the fluid or the frequency they use it will often dictate the pump they use to dispense that fluid. What many shop owners don’t realize is that buying the wrong drum pump can impact their bottom line and find them unnecessarily wasting a valuable commodity or putting their employees at risk from injury due to spills.

When choosing a pump, many usually make their decision based on the way a pump dispenses such as a lever, rotary pump with veins, or even pneumatic air powered pumps. One thing that’s often missed are the seals and materials those pumps are made from that can all but too often become an issue with compatibility.

When purchasing a drum pump always check with the manufacturer if you are unsure about the pump being compatible with your application. Keep in mind that a pump designed for use with oils is not intended for a water-based product such as windshield washer fluid or a chemical intended pump is not designed for use with fuels. You may discover that it will work temporarily but long-term usage will lead to seizing, leaks, etc. When it comes to your bottom line buying a pump that inevitably leaks can lead to a higher frequency of fluid purchases or even cause spills that could cause your employees to slip and fall. When it comes to your bottom line, buying something that isn’t compatible with your application can become costly in many ways.  

Zeeline by Milton® has a variety of Lever Pumps, Rotary Pumps and Pneumatic and Piston Action Pumps that cover a range of applications and chemicals. To learn more about our offering and how Zeeline by Milton® can help you make an educated decision about which pump is right for your shop, please Contact Us